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This is Pamela Chappell’s official website. Please click on the pages at the left to take you where you want to go! (Unless you want to go to Hawaii or Australia or someplace like that, in which case, you’re on your own.)

Pamela is a singer/songwriter/recording artist with six CDs to her credit and performances across the nation. (See Musician page.) She has also written a book for teachers on how to integrate music with the curriculum to boost motivation and to help making learning permanent. This goes along with her children’s CD. (Especially for Kids)

She is also an inspiring and occasionally humorous speaker. (The Speaker)

Pamela teaches workshops on a variety of spiritual, personal growth, and metaphysical topics. She officiates at weddings and other sacred events. All of this is part of her ministry. She is ordained with the International Metaphysical Ministry. (Ministry)

For Pete's Sake Cover

Her book, “For Pete’s Sake: Going Through Hell and Coming Out Whole,” tells the story of her husband, Pete, and his heart failure and eventual heart transplant. Together, they rode quite an emotional roller coaster for a while. The book is a very personal story, but a universal one too – of meeting crisis, fear, and exhaustion with love, hope, and courage.

Pam sings to Pete

Here is a song for your listening pleasure. Enjoy. To hear the song, click on Peace Canon