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One Cover

Pamela’s CD, “One,” was released February 9, 2013. This is an amazing CD with fourteen great, original songs. We are getting rave reviews! You will want to have this one in your music collection. See her earlier CDs, many favorites, below.

How to Order Pamela’s CDs and/or books:

There are three possible ways to order from Pamela:
1) With Paypal
2) Fill out an order form and send it with a check
3) Call (269) 637-3781

1) Easiest:

Pay with Paypal. You don’t need a Paypal account – just a credit card. Go to, Then “Buy” – “Make a Payment” – Pay

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2) Check-by-mail:
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Pamela Chappell, 565 Monroe Blvd., South Haven, MI 49090

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3) Call 269-637-3781 and place your order by phone


Pam in woods, red dress


Six CDs – $15 Each (add $3 for postage, packaging, tax)

Two Books – $15 Each (add $4 for postage, packaging, tax)

Book: For Pete’s Sake: Going Through Hell and Coming Out Whole – $15 (add $4 for postage, packaging, tax)

For Pete's Sake Cover

For Pete’s Sake: Going Through Hell and Coming Out Whole

A deeply moving memoir of trust and courage. Pamela’s newlywed husband, Pete, goes into heart failure and eventually requires a heart transplant. Their dramatic journey is both harrowing and uplifting. You will laugh, cry, and be inspired.


Pamela’s Other CDs ~

(Scroll down for descriptions and songlists.)

Joy In My Heart, Songs of Life, Love, & Spirit

Joy Cover good

Focuses on courage, challenge, healing, and personal power.
Many people have found comfort and inspiration with this CD.

Song List:

Send Out More (Pamela Chappell)

May We Be Healed (Pamela Chappell)

Heaven (Julie Gold)

Joy in My Heart (Pamela Chappell)

Give Yourself to Love (Kate Wolf)

Stepping Out on the Arms of Faith (Pamela Chappell)

Wonderful! (Pamela Chappell)

River of Grace (Pamela Chappell)

Help Me to Be Loving (Pamela Chappell)

Peace to Me (Pamela Chappell)

Metaphor (Pamela Chappell)

It’s in Every One of Us (David Pomeranz)

Only Love (Pamela Chappell)

Trail of Tears (Pat Garvey and Victoria Garvey Armstrong)

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Coming Down Easy

CDE Cover

Jazz, blues, ballads, and folk.
A winning mix of Pamela’s favorites.

Song List:

Coming Down Easy (Pamela Chappell)

Last Day of Pompeii (Michael Smith)

Blue Skies (Irving Berlin)

Quiet Room (Fred Hellerman)

Lullabye of Birdland (George Shearing)

I Want a Man Who Knocks My Socks Off (Pamela Chappell)

No More Sad Songs (Pamela Chappell)

I’ll See You in C-U-B-A (Irving Berlin)

Desperado (Don Henley and Glen Frey)

Once in a Very Blue Moon (Patrick Alger)

The Big Blue Water (Pamela Chappell)

How Can I Keep From Singing (Anne Warner and Reverend R. Lowry)

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Inner Journey

IJ Cover
Three inspiring and calming guided meditations
Music by Pamela Chappell, Text created and spoken by Reverend Margie Towne

These beautiful meditations will bring you to a place of peacefulness and power within yourself.
Highly recommended for people with high stress lives!

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Everything is Alright

EIA Cover
A treasure trove of beautiful songs about love, friendship,loyalty, upliftment, And a special song, the “Peace Canon,” about Bringing peace to our world, one person at a time.

Song List:

Feels Like Home (Randy Newman)

Traveling Mercies (Pamela Chappell)

The Stillness of Your Heart (Jan Garrett)

Everything is Alright (Pamela Chappell)

Working Mother’s Blues (Pamela Chappell)

Welcome To This Circle (Betsy Rose)

There You Stand (Pamela Chappell)

How Could Anyone (Libby Roderick)

Peace Canon (Pamela Chappell)

You Can Relax Now (Susan McCullen)

Arizona (Pamela Chappell)

Banks of the Guadalupe (Butch Hancock)

Maggie Thorpe and Creeping Joe (Pamela Chappell)

Grow Old Along with Me (John Lennon)

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Picture with some children from All God's Children Community Choir
Picture with some children from All God’s Children Community Choir

A Little Sunshine

Pamela’s CD for the whole family. A wonderful collection of 25 great songs from the touching to the ridiculous. Designed to delight kids without driving parents crazy! Great for kids 2-12.

Song List:


Big Ol’ Way

Black Socks

Blueberry Buckle

Burgers and Books

Code in my Node

Corrie Doon

Daisy on my Toe

Did You Feed My Cow?

Galaxy Song


Garden Song

Harriet Tubman

Hine Matov

Hobo’s Lullaby

A Little Sunshine

Kitty Alone

Love Grows One by One


McKenzie & Me

One Elephant

Oowee to Georgie

Peace Canon

Place in the Choir

Sand Castle

Shalom Chaverim

Swimming Song


Un Elefante

Thirty Days Hath September

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Cover of SSB 2007A Little Sunshine for Teachers
Integrating Music with your Curriculum – Pre-K through 8th Grade

(Book & CD – Now just $15 – A Great Bargain!)
This book has over 100 pages of creative and stimulating classroom ideas for infusing your Pre-K – 8 curriculum with music. Included is the “A Little Sunshine” CD and the music and lyrics for all its songs and a few more.

**25 Great Songs**
Dozens of Terrific Ways to Use Them to Enhance Learning and Make it Permanent.



“This is a fantastic resource for teachers who want to integrate music into their curriculum. The material that Pam has brought together in this companion book is cutting edge information. This book will be a valuable resource for any teacher wanting to increase deep knowledge for their students.”

– Linda Steigenga, Director, General Education, Mason-Lake Intermediate School District, Michigan

“You have done a beautiful job of choosing appealing, interrelated, and educationally sound songs, activities, and strategies. I should think that your ready reference to Internet sources should score points with today’s educators and their administrators as well.”

– Lucy Brubaker, Music Teacher, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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