The Speaker


>”Pamela Chappell is not only a talented musician and a gifted song-writer, but she is also an inspired teacher. Her teachings include a subtle invitation to more — more kindness, more respect, more love, more joy! Pamela allows the ups and downs of her own life journey to inspire others to a fuller expression of the spirit within. Regardless of the venue, you will be absolutely delighted by the charm and grace of this woman.”
-Debra Basham, Co-developer of Subtle Communication Systems and Founder of Holistic Alliance.

Pamela speaks on a wide variety of topics, often weaving music into the message for greater depth, impact, and fun. Her audiences laugh, sigh, and nod their heads, always coming away having been touched in their hearts and minds.

Partial list of topics:
* Developing Intuition
*The Chakra System as a Map of Consciousness
*What’s Wrong with the World and What You Can Do About It
*After we “Die” – What’s Next?
* Going Through Hell and Coming Out Whole
* Creative Expression as a Spiritual Practice
* Forgiveness – The Gift We Give Ourselves
* Subtle Communication, Powerful Language
* How to Have a Conversation with God
* Going Deeper – Spiritual Expansion

What people are saying:

>”Pamela Chappell has touched the lives of many, young and old, with her wit, wisdom, and music. I have had the privilege of experiencing Pam’s presentations on multiple occasions and have always walked away enriched and enlightened. Pam has an incredible way of engaging her audience in an experience that is sacred; whether through laughter or tears, she reaches the heart and soul of every person present. She is truly an angel of peace who shares her smile, her beautiful voice, and a heartfelt message about her commitment to creating peace one person at a time by letting her life speak and being the change she wants to see in the world.”
-Rev. Dr. Linda Beushausen PhD, RN

>”Pam you have a beautiful, warm, yet energetic voice….the presentation was uplifting and insightful with a great dose of humor!”
Sharon Curtis

>”I wanted to tell you I immensely enjoyed your loving presence, spirit, songs at the November Holistic Living Seminar at Oldenburg, IN. I was privileged to purchase one of each of your CDs and they bless my daily life so very much. Especially I love “Joy in my Heart.” Ah-h-h! A trip through that glorious work lifts me every morning to a better place so I have greater stuff to offer my kindergarten students and co-workers each day.”
–Pamela Hunter, Metamora, IN